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REDSER is the Dominican association of rural communites engaged in sustainable development through use of renewable energy resources, and the the institutions that accompany these communities. REDSER sees itself as a mechanism for communication and collaboration between its participants, rather than a constructor of renewable energy infrastructure. It is committed to transparency, inclusiveness, democratic process, and decentralization.



REDSER was incorporated as a not-for-profit network under Dominican law in 2012. REDSER is in the process of formalizing its membership process, but approximately 30 communities and 10 developement organizations have been involved in various activities, particularly the technical workshops delivered by CAREL. Dr. Michela Izzo of Guakia Foundation is provisional coordiantor, pending the next General Assembly.


Membership Dues

Each organizational member (including unincorporated rural associations) has the following finacial obligations:

  • Initial fee of $RD 1000
  • Annual fee of $RD 600

A contribution of 5% of operating income of each hydroelectric system has been agreed upon but not yet collected.

Board of Directors meeting held Februrary 21, 2014

PROVISIONAL BANK ACCOUNT: (In name of Jon Katz and Cristino Gomez)
Banco Popular Dominicano 776351272


Los documentos actuales de REDSER:

Acta Modelo para Miembros
Estatutos de REDSER
Plan Estrategico
Programa Febrero - Abril
Plan Operativo 2012
Plan Operativo General
Fondo Patrimonial