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CAREL's antecedent organization (EcoPartners Project based at Cornell University) introduced the concept of community hydroelectric development to the Dominican Republic in 1996, and built the first model system in collaboration with the community of El Limon in 1997-1998. We have performed extensive survey, education, and design work for community scale hydro development in the Dominican Republic, often working with the United Nations Development Programme's Small Grant Program. We provided primary technical support for the installations now operating in El Limon, Los Martinez and Los Calabazos, and have been involved in more than 10 other systems now in operation or under construction. We have also taught technical workshops for engineers, technicians, and rural residents.

Technical Workshops for Community Micro-Hydroelectric Technicians
(March 2013 - January 2014)

With support from the OAS-Department of Sustainable Development, CAREL delivered 11 workshops for community technicians with micro-hydroelectric systems in operation or under construction.

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Our first project in El Limon introduced community-built micro-hydroelectricity to the Dominican Republic. Completed in 1998, the 3 kW system provides 35 watts each for 60 households and powers the office and computer center in the school. The Pelton turbine operates with a head of 300 feet, and a flow of 100 gallons per minute. This community is now replacing this system with a 15 kW installation.
about El Limon's system



We are also starting innovative work with other energy sources. In northern Haiti, we are developing a project for the generation of electricity through the pyrolytic combustion of biomass. information here.


Technical Resources:

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