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CAREL's Telemedicine Project (Proposed)

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About Community Telemedicine

Throughout the world, medical services are concentrated in urban areas, leaving rural populations with inadequate access to health care, both primary and acute. The problem is exacerbated in less developed regions by the shortage of communication and transportation infrastructure.  But as data-capable cellular telephone networks are extended out to formerly isolated rural populations, community telemedicine offers a unique delivery opportunity for medical services.  While audio and video channels can link patient and doctor without regard to distance, the bandwidth is indeed narrow compared to the traditional face-to-face, touch-oriented doctor-patient relationship. This limitation can be largely overcome by training village residents as “community medics”, essentially functioning as doctors' assistants. The community medic can operate at a much higher skill level than the traditional village health promoter, through participating in an ongoing working relationship with physicians, and through the availability of ongoing online training. The telemedicine component will emphasize effective integration with existing primary care services and patient information systems, and offer international specialist consultation to primary care providers.


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Los Martinez Rural Clinic

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Ocoa (urban) Primary Care Clinic






Kidney Failure in El Limon:
the Case for Prevention

El Limon has experienced two cases of
kidney failure in the last five years, an
exceptional number for a village of 300.
Striking similarities exist to the epidemic
of mysterious kidney disease ("CKDu")that has
caused some 50,000 deaths in Sri Lanka and
Central America. Community telemedicine
could provide an effective framework for
identifying localized health issues and taking
preventive measures.

IMPORTANT LINK: More About Kidney
Disease in El Limon

IMPORTANT LINK: Recent Health Journal
Article that Resulted in Glphosate Ban
in Sri Lanka


June 23, 2009
Scientific American Reports on Glyfosate Toxicity

Feb 12, 2014
CDC to Study CKDu in Central America (With Agrobusiness Funding)

Mar 2, 2014
New Study Points to Glyfosate in Sri Lanka CKDu Epidemic

Mar 13, 2014
Sri Lanka Bans Glyfosate

Mar 18, 2014
More About the Glyfosate Ban

Mar 24, 2014
Sri Lanka Limits Glyfosate Ban to Epidemic Areas Under Agrobusiness Pressure

April 4, 2014
Dutch Parliament Bans Non-commercial Use
of Glyphosate

April 10, 2014
Brazil Public Prosecutor Calls for Glyphosate Ban